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Whether you're a novice or an offshore expert, here's a great place to start. See the full Fiorentino Rigging Set-Up at work. To learn why the para-anchor  ("parachute style" sea anchor) can be used on any type of boat
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Basic operation    
You'll need a Fiorentino parachute sea anchor, Fiorentino Deployment Rode and a Fiorentino Trip Line. Simply drop the parachute sea anchor off the bow of any large vessel or any small boat and your're done. Anything after that is optional.... For example, sailboat owners may prefer to birdle their parachute sea anchor for a more comfortable ride as seen in the sailboat illustration below.

How much anchor rode

Most average size trawlers and sailboats will pay out 300' to 600' of rode. Sport fishermen will pay out an average of 20-100' of rode

Best Para-Anchor

Fiorentino technical reports 
The science and quality behind Fiorentino parachute sea anchors and storm drogues.

 Your choices

1. Offshore Para-Anchor
  2. Coastal Para-Anchor
  3. Shark Storm Drogue
  4. Custom Para-Anchor
5. Clearance

Brief Desciption

Offshore passages, riding out the storrm,
making repairs, resting. 

Coastal Para-Anchor
Sportfishing of all types, coastal emergency,
resting. Small to large boats. 
Shark Drogue
emergency steering and running from
the weather. 

Custom Anchor
For corporate, government military,
mega yachts & large ships
to small boats.

FREE Instruction DVD:
Every product includes a DVD that 
provides you full instructions on how
to operate your Fiorentino para-anchor
or storm drogue
Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Home of the ORIGINAL  

parachute style sea anchor
for over 
60 years

Established in 1958 on the West
Coast of the Americas, Fiorentino
has become a world
leading authority and U.S. manufacturer for underwater parachute sea anchors and storm drogues. Available in all sizes for the recreational boater and marine
specialty market.
and resale.
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The "Original Para-Anchor"
Made in Newport Beach, U.S.A.

Rig it yourself - or let our experts do
all the work for you at no extra cost!

   The Modern "Parachute style"
   anchor (para-anchor) by Fiorentino

Fiorentino's rigging set-ups and parachute sea anchors have been used
successfully for over 60 years.
Fiorentino has outfitted every type of boat imaginable--trawlers, sailboats, commercial boats, fishing boats, mega yachts, ships, kayaks, inboards, outboards flat bottom boats, including many unusual on-the-water
specialty projects.

   Stern Deployment Option

 Shark Storm Drogue
for storm or emergency steering

Technical Manual


       Sailboat owners may prefer to bridle their parachute
       sea anchor for a more comfortable ride as seen in this
       monohull llustration.

A. Retrieval Float
        B: Trip Line Support Float
        C: Fiorentino Trip Line
        D: Weight 
        E: Para-Ring

        F: Anchor Rode
        G: Snatch Block
        H: Fiorentino Pendant Line
        I: Pendant Line Support Floats
        J: Chafe Gear


  Fiorentino Rigging Components for the Parachute Sea Anchor  
    Scroll down to learn "The Benefit" of each accessory. To learn more about proper rigging techniques visit Zack FAQ's


A: Retrieval Float:
The last float marking the tail end of the Fiorentino Trip Line. The Benefit: High degree of visibility allows a skipper to easily motor toward the retrieval float to capture the trip line. Large enough to prevent the parachute sea anchor (para-anchor) from sinking too deep under the water when anchor rode is slack. Handy Tip: Your own boat fender may be used in place of a Fiorentino retrieval float.


B: Trip Line Support Float
A small float secured in the center of a floating trip line. The Benefit: Provides necessary tension in trip line to avoid slack. Also serves as an excellent marker to help determine para-anchor depth.

C: Fiorentino Trip Line
Used to help in deflation and recovery of the para-anchor. Trip lines vary in length from 50- to 100-feet on typical vessels, and up to 1,000-feet for those with deep drafts and high freeboards. The Benefit: Enables the top of the canopy to be pulled more easily to the boat. Handy Tip: Why not build your own trip line? To learn how see Zack's FAQs for complete instructions. But, if you don't want the  fuss of rigging, you can also purchase a "Rigged and Ready" trip line by Fiorentino.


D: Use A Heavily Built Anchor or Add Chain.
All parachute sea anchors must properly be weighted down. To accomplish this task you'll need to add two or three feet of chain to any lightweight sea anchor. To avoid the use of bulky chain, deploy a compact heavy built parachute sea anchor like Fiorentino's Offshore Anchor. The Benefit:  Reduces parachute rotation and prevents shrouds from twisting. Weight placement aids the parachute sea anchor's capabilities by holding it deeper beneath the water and away from dangerous breaking seas.

The Secret's in Our Orignal 
Para-Ring Hardware -- made
affordable to all boaters!


E: Fiorentino Para-Ring® Hardware (Exclusive Innovation)
Serves as an attachment point for the anchor rode and maintains a wide spread of shroud lines, which enables the anchor stabilizer to more easily self-adjust. The anchor stabilizer rotates and tilts as environmental forces penetrate the canopy and produce potentially damaging energy that is transmitted through the shroud lines to the Para-Ring®. The Benefit: In boiling seas and strong ocean currents, the self-adjusting Para-Ring® prevents the elements from pushing, rolling, or spinning a parachute anchor out of control, which can lead to a tangled parachute or blown out canopy panel.  Parachute sea anchor balance is achieved as the Para-Ring® self-adjusts to uneven shock loads that are carried down the shroud lines from the canopy. The tilting of the Para-Ring® neutralizes the mixed energy to create an even pull on the parachute canopy. This prevents breakage and chafe.

F: Choose a Rope
Nylon rode is a well estabished industry standard. Or you can use Fiorentino's innovative strong, braided Dacron/Nylon mix rope that connects the parachute anchoring system to the bow of a vessel. The amount of rode needed during deployment depends on a vessel's response to various weather conditions - usually 10-feet of rode for every foot of boat. The Benefit: Because it stretches under tension, the rode absorbs massive shock loads.


G: Snatch Block .
A stainless steel swivel block, with a hinge or sliding plate shell that opens to allow a bight of a rope to pass through. The Benefit: The block's ability to open allows the block to be clamped over anchor rode in the event that rigging a bridle becomes necessary.
H: Fiorentino Pendant Line  
A stiff length of rope with a block at the end. The diameter of the pendant line matches that of the anchor rode. Line length is dependent upon size of the vessel. The Benefit: When attached to the anchor rode, the pendant line can be connected to a stern winch to form a bridle, which is then used to hold a vessel in a heave-to position during heavy seas. To position multihulls and trawlers into the weather secure the pendent line to a bow cleat.  Handy Tip: Why not build your own pendant line? To learn how see Zack's FAQs. But, if you don't want the fuss of rigging, you can also purchase a "Rigged and Ready" pendant line by Fiorentino.


I: Pendant Line Support Floats
One or two small floats located near the snatch block. The Benefit: These floats keep the pendant line afloat whenever it becomes slack.


J: Chafe Gear 
Wrapped around the anchor rode or pendant line, this chafe protection reduces wear caused when the line rubs against the vessel and her rigging. Fiorentino's RodeRaps have proven to be very durable and long-lasting.
Option:  Conventional rubber hose. 


K:  Fiorentino Parachute Sea Anchor Set-Up

If you have no time for rigging, you can rely on our experts to custom size everything you'll need to operate a Fiorentino para-anchor. Best of all, you'll save time and money when you let us do all the work for you!  Please contact one of our authorized dealers or simply e-mail us your Boat Specifications today.  

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Sales: Lynnette Mitchell

        Manufactured in Newport Beach CA U.S.A.

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